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I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would visit the mystical, fantastical and biggest state in the US – ALASKA.

I am more than halfway across the world form home, I guess life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all. 

The most beautiful, loving, and captivating place I’ve seen and experienced. After sailing northbound and southbound of the Alaskan coastline through the Inside Passage for nearly four months, I guess I can say I lived a portion of my life here. It almost felt like a dream being emerged in snowy mountains and complete wilderness – I felt like I was in Twilight. I didn’t go a cruise without seeing either a whale jumping out of the water or a seal swimming alongside the ship. The wildlife here is something else! I loved constantly being surrounded by wilderness.

The sun sets so late here, I understand now why they call Alaska ‘the home of the midnight sun’. I will forever be grateful that my job brought me here ~ this life is one beautiful journey.

I was lucky enough to see The Northern Lights.
Aurora Borealis glistened over the ‘Radiance of the Seas’ towards the end of Alaskan summer ~ people only dream of seeing this and it was truly magical. Amongst the rays of green, purple and blue lights, there were shooting stars. I didn’t even know what to wish for with a life so full. 

I was able to capture the lights with my camera at 2am one freezing August morning.

Vancouver Canada, Juneau, Icy Strait, Skagway, Ketchikan, Seward Alaska and passing the Hubbard Glacier through the Inside Passage is where I have adventured.

Allow me to break this down for you and highlight my favorite adventures I got up to in each port.


Located on Resurrection Bay, a fjord of the Gulf of Alaska on the Kenai Peninsula.
This cosy, indie town was my favourite.
I so looked forward to my traditional vegan meal I would have at the Sea Bean Cafe. I’m going to miss their dairy free chocolate tarts and Buddha Bowls!

The hike up Mount Marathon was tricky but liberating, definitely my most rewarding hike! The snow was still quite thick when we reached the bowl and so it felt like a fairytale getting lost in nature. I will never forget rationing out the one Kind Bar and one bottle of water we had amongst us whilst contemplating how we were going to get down this mountain…

The best experience I had during my time in Alaska was definitely DOG MUSHING.
I still can’t believe I did this! I was flown by helicopter landing on a glacier to experience. I smelt like dog, rode on a sled, nearly took an adorable husky puppy back with me but had the fullest heart imaginable.


What an interesting little town is. Home to the gold-rush era and is now preserved as part of the Klondike Gold Rush National Historic Park.

The White Pass and Yukon Route Train. This is a railroad through Alaskan history that runs right through the Canadian border past the famously steep Chilkoot trail. The scenery was absolutely breath taking.

Lower Dewey Lake, is where I hiked and spent my last day in Skagway. Next time, I’ll be sure to bring my book to read amidst the trees and my bikini to swim so I can jump off the rocks into this stunningly beautiful lake!

There was a little theatre show on a street called ‘Broadway’ that we were given complimentary tickets to. The show was all about the history of Skagway and we are still singing the songs from this show!


A small, remote private island located on the Chichagof island just outside the Hoonah village, with a population of about 700. I never thought a beach could be THIS COLD ~ the water was icy here.

Here, I rode the The World’s Largest Zipline. After the scenic mountain ascent and beautiful stroll through the forest to get to the launching area, I was strapped in, 1,300 feet from the ground next to my friend. We raced to the bottom, riding over about 300 treetops at 100km/h. What a thrill this was as I’m actually afraid of heights – Higher than the Empire State Builing.

Whale Watching Tours. Besides seeing these graceful, giant mammals gliding next to the ship – we got up close to about 4 Northern Pacific Humpback Whales gushing water out of their blowholes. Their beautiful tails above the surface of the water is always my favourite picture!


The capital city of Alaska.

Nestled at the base of Mount Juneau is downtown Juneau.

I for sure miss these days and the silly things I got up in this city. The local coffee shop, the yoga classes at Rainforest Yoga, the movies at the Glacier Cinema, the thrift and boutique stores, the impossible burgers at the Hangar on the Wharf, the Alaskan beer at all the bars on the streeta, and of course all of the hikes. Juneau has quite a few hikes to do each with a different view and unique feel to them.
The Mendenhall Glacier was definitely my favourite hike of them all. ~ I got to actually walk on the glacier.
The Mount Roberts tramway or cable car was the most touristy thing I did. I felt like I was a guest from one of the cruise ships, but the view at the top looking over the Gastineau Channel is really something postcard perfect.


Named after the Ketchikan Creek that flows through the town, this city has the world’s largest totem poles and is the Salmon capital of the world.
Besides the Totem Pole Museum, the adorable and quaint historic Creek Street and rowdy Lumberjack show that Ketchikan had to offer, You would find me at Walmart, stocking up on snacks. HAHA


I have always dreamed of visiting Canada. I giggle when I think back to when I was 15 years old, I remember trading my Team South African jacket at the World Dance Championships for a Team Canadian Jacket and arriving home dressed like a kitted out Canadian. Yet again, I have my dancing to thank for bringing me here.

My uncle, aunt and cousins live in Vancouver. How special that I got to see them every second week when our ship docked there. Besides the shopping on Robson Street and bicycling around Stanley Park, listen to this, – I was flown either by helicopter or float plane to Victoria Island being a 30 mins air travel to see my family’s home. They call it Beautiful British Columbia and I couldn’t agree more.


Sailing away, with way too much Alaskan merchandise, I am so excited for the crossing ahead of me. As busy as this contract has been, a lot more is about to still happen as we cruise over to dock in HAWAII for the month of September. ~ this life just keeps moving forward and getting even better.

Picture me – I’m in Seward right now, sitting in the ‘Resurrect Art Coffee House’ in an old church, sipping my coconut latte typing this blog, on what will be the last day spent in Alaska. Staring at the beautiful snow-capped mountains in front of me, It seems so strange knowing I probably won’t be coming back. I wish I could bottle up these moments!

How special that i have so many of these moments in my life with humans from all around the world whilst traveling to places I never thought i would go to. Life is a precious thing that should be lived. i’m holding onto these moments forever.

Thank you for the beautiful DREAM Alaksa, you will be missed.

~ love&light always

JO xox

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