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This is it.
Just like that rehearsals are over. Bye Miami! Next stop CANADA, to board the Radiance of the Seas. It’s time to stage the shows in the middle of the ocean and start cruising the world whilst doing what I love most.

Taking off from Miami International Airport, I stared outside the airplane window as the massive city slowly got smaller beneath me, and for the first time in a while, I took a deep breath and started to soak this up. So much has happened.
(My heavy bags and ukulele even made it through customs)

Reflecting on the past six weeks spent living in gorgeous Miami ~ it’s been extremely busy, new yet familiar and an incredibly exciting start to my second contract.
Meeting my 11 new and talented cast members from all around the world, I can honestly say I love each of them to bits and we’ve had such fun together already, laughing off the stress and going on some pretty epic adventures. I already call them family.


Rehearsing almost all day six days a week learning and cleaning the shows with the directors was tough, (physically and mentally) yet extremely rewarding and exciting – There was nowhere else I wanted to be.
I got to push myself and face new challenges daily, growing as a dancer and person.

Both our office runs where our shows were presented to an audience and casting directors were a success. I’m extremely proud of my cast and to represent my country as a part of this company.
I LOVE my cast. I LOVE my job. I LOVE my life.
Feeling so blessed that I get to experience and call this my life.

Whenever I had spare time and energy, I would try and explore Florida as much as I could, some being old favourites I had to revisit but most new, memorable little adventures.
My favourite part about Miami will always be ~ The beaches.

I was also lucky enough to meet up with many different friends during my time here. Some South Africans and some from my previous ship contract who happened to be in Miami the same time as me. This truly made me feel a bit more ‘at home’. I find this to be such a beautiful thing, as with ship-life, you become so close to people, living with eachother everyday for months, and then you never quite know when you will meet again, with everyone being so worldly.

My very last weekend, I even got to road trip up the I-95 to Orlando to spend the night visiting my former dance company director, Tamra Chace. She just had a baby and it was truly special to meet her.

Anyway, that’s all for now, about to land in Dallas, Texas for a layover before we spend the night in a hotel in Vancouver.
It’s still a bit unreal to me that tomorrow I will board my new floating home for the rest of the year, performing and travelling the world all over again.

I can’t wait to share all my adventures with you.

Remember that you are blessed – believe it.
Live your life and leave no regrets!



~ love&light always
JO xox

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