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Our shows have been OPENED!

After an extremely long install, all I can say is that this contract has really been a packed one!
Dancing, performing, the in-betweens of ship life, the dinner theatre show and so much more ~ all whilst sailing the seas.
I haven’t been blogging much lately as it’s been busy. I’ve been drinking too many cups of coffee in my Alaskan merch flask to get me through BUT I am blessed I get to do it all. ⁣
I really do love my job!

Let me take you through this journey…

Sign on day is always the most exciting and memorable day. I will definitely not forgot this one! After nearly losing my passport in Dallas, Texas, there I was lagging behind the cast wheeling my heavy bags through the cruise post terminal in Vancouver. You would think by now after all my travels I would be a bit more travel savvy?
Radiance is a beautiful ship, a lot smaller than my last one but cosy to say the least. (‘cosy’ still holding about 3000 passengers)

Then we went straight into install. We started by reblocking our two shows whilst installing them onto the stage before we had even opened the shows. (I even went in as a boy for a boys trio haha)

We got to opening night and the ship was extremely rocky. It was pretty frightening actually, thinking that I would have to perform in those conditions and most of us were feeling sea sick backstage. I was hiding in the back of my cubbie immersed in all my newly fitted and altered costumes drinking Ginger Ale.
It was a bittersweet feeling when our opening night was cancelled but better to have rather opened the show in calmer conditions.
We successfully opened both Production Shows in a reblock. I was extremely proud of us all and to be apart of this amazing company for contract #2. The before show nerves and the thrill of being out there on stage, doing what i love never gets old. It’s what I live for!

Just when we thought install was over and things started to calm down we had another install director come onboard to open our ‘Murder Mystery’ dinner theatre show. This is honestly such fun. The guests book to eat at a restaurant onboard and in-between each entree, we put on a play where the guests help solve the mystery of the ‘murder’ that took place in the play. I had to get the acting skills out again and learn all my lines in the script and believe me, there are quite a few! We are lucky enough to be served dinner from the restaurant between each scene as well. The costumes are elaborate and we all get to live out our most dramatic beings!

For the most part we are settled into a solid schedule now, until the crossing to the South Pacific Islands happen where our production show director comes onboard to teach and install our third Production show.

I have started exploring Alaska and am constantly surrounded by wilderness, feeling truly blessed by the magic of it all. I haven’t had a Winter since 2017 but for being the sun baby I am, I’m loving the cold and the different kind of beauty that comes with it. What a change to be docked by snowy mountains and glaciers every morning ~ i can’t believe this is my life now.

I am forever growing, expanding, changing, experiencing & flowing through this magical journey ~ this life is so fulfilling.⁣
I can’t wait to share my adventures in Alaska with you.

Keep reading and remember to open yourself up to life and the opportunities it presents to you, it lead me halfway across the world living my best dancing life.


~ love&light always

JO xox

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