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My time at home was full. It was full of adventure, full of love, full of family and special friends, full of work, full of dance but most importantly it was full of time i needed to become grounded again.
I leave for this new journey that awaits me knowing that my time at home was full <3

I’m truly grateful that DANCING has granted me another worldly ADVENTURE. I’m at it again; beyond stoked and ready for a new chance to learn, grow and DANCE.
I’ll be flying to Rome and then from Rome to Miami where I’ll be for the next almost new months hard into rehearsing before I board my new SHIP.
America, I cannot wait to be back on your soil!

Reflecting on my past time in South Africa ~ IT HAS BEEN BUSY.
I’m extremely blessed that everything unfolded in the perfect way that it did.

I was granted many work/ dance opportunities where i taught open classes and choreographed for many different studios, allowing my creativity to flow again.
I was commissioned for quite a few different dance/model photoshoots which is always such fun.
I was able to DANCE and release. Attend classes and doing gigs/corporates with incredibly inspiring humans.
I was able to train again, back to ballet which grounds my technique again. (The patience and nurturing my Ballet Master showed me was truly beautiful)
I was able to learn new things like Aerial Work (hanging from silks and a lyra) and eating and living in a more conscious manner towards the environment.
I was able to hop on planes,  catching flights to adventure around my own beautiful country.

Most importantly, I was able to spend time with my loved ones. I experienced an ABUNDANCE of LOVE.
I will hold onto these memories and think about them when i miss home as I embark on a new journey so far away from everyone and most things familiar to me.

So much travelling awaits me.
They call it the ‘Travel Bug’ but really it’s more about what you gain from Travel.
You arrive home with a newer perspective of the world. Everything becomes different and you see it in a different light.
Travel is an addictive adventure.
You want to return to new journeys and people who transform you to change, grow, experience and learn. There’s no way to describe how your spirit evolves when you leave everything familiar behind as you embark on a new way of life. You use your brain in a real capacity and your heart expands with love and respect for the universe being exposed to how much there is outside your ‘world.’

When i return home each time, I feel more and more lost in my own hometown than in the most foreign place I visited.
I know I think differently because I experience it every second of the day.
I am ready. I am excited and I want to do it all again starting now.

I have to say THANK YOU to everyone and everything that made my time at home so FULL <3 My heart is exploding!

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned ~ I’ll be blogging from all around the world.

Remember to keep adventuring!


~love&lights always

JO xox



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