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This adventure was located in South Africa, in the town of Umkomaas, 5 kilometers from the South Coast of KwaZulu-Natal. One of the top 10 dive spots in the world is a rocky reef out at sea called Aliwal Shoal.

The most incredible experience of my 2019 so far, was to DIVE WITH SHARKS – the wild yet gentle and intuitive Oceanic Black Tips!

3, 2, 1.. we tumbled off the boat into a circle of fins.
I was actually so keen to get into the water with the crew from – no time to really think about how many sharks surrounded the boat and swam many meters below us, as I was a bit seasick from the boat ride to get to the sharks which are far out at sea. It was a bit of a cloudy day with big swells and a rough sea but under the water, the energy was something else. By the time I hit the water, I immediately felt exhilarated and all sea-sickness went away. It feels like another world immersed in ocean blue, as we descended down with nearly 100 sharks swimming around the baited ball. I latched tightly on to my brother a few times as the sharks tend to bump into you when they swim passed, just being the curious creatures that they are. These huge fish are beyond magnificent and what a humbling opportunity it was to experience this sense of trust between two creatures from completely different worlds. Sharks are wild animals and must be respected for that.

What a weekend this was. Whilst in Durban, before diving I started off by spending a night at Mantis and Moon, amidst the forest sleeping in treehouses with my gypsy, Sarah. What a truly beautiful place this is in Umzumbe. An Escape to an African fairytale in a wooden jungle village welcomed by hippies dancing under the moon and practicing yoga in the Hohm Sanctuary. We celebrated life in the rain, enjoyed vegan treats and swam at Umzumbe beach. All surfer and yoga admirers would absolutely love this magical lodge. By the time we left, it all felt like a dream…

They say diving is the closest thing there is to flying. Moving freely underwater, scuba diving makes you feel apart of marine life helping you understand, appreciate and become one with it. 70% of the world consists of water !!! Diving allows us to see more of the world, admiring the beauty underneath and feeling at peace hearing nothing but your own breathing under water. Swimming with turtles and Manta Rays alongside my best friend is truly something extraordinary to share.

I cannot wait to continue making memories underwater.


~love&light always

JO xox




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